Learn More About Using Call Tracking Platforms


If you have any experience on making calls and tracking them, surely you do understand how much of a pain it is to try to finish the day but your still must double check the spreadsheet that you have been using when you’re making calls. It is quite bothersome to use a spreadsheet when tracking calls. You not only have to manually dial a phone number, but you also need to manually input data unto the spreadsheet. If you would like to look for a more convenient way to work, then a call tracking platform from Ringba will be suitable for you. The call tracking platform from Ringba allow you to record calls, track your campaigns, forward calls and monitor calls. These are all the things that we usually do during the day and to be able to present all these takes a lot of time to gather all the needed information but if you have the right tool and are using it properly, surely, you wouldn’t need to spend hours and hours to complete all these. Read more great facts on call tracking number, click here.

If you and your team would like to know ways on how to improve their sales closing ratios, you can review the recordings of your calls. It is absolutely convenient to just go ahead and review a recorded call and find out ways on how to improve the quality of the calls together. This feature can be used for both coaching and training. The recording feature can also be used to review your notes. Some may also use it for reports and can be used to train future employees. Learn more about call tracking here.

Campaign tracking and monitoring calls is also another feature from the call tracking platform of Ringba. You would know the efficiency of a certain campaign right away and you call also track the calls real time. For example, in five campaigns, there are three specific campaigns that has gained more traffic or attention the entire time but the other two didn’t really have remarkable results. What do you do? Look into more details on those three campaigns, monitor their reports and find out what makes it better or what seems to have attracted more traffic or attention compared to the other two. Basically, this is a feature that helps improve your business. It not only helps your sales team, but this will surely be a huge help for your marketing team too.


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